What’s New at PhotoVivo

Activities of PhotoVivo such as overseas photography trips, seminars, talks and exhibitions can be found on the PhotoVivo Forum www.photovivo.com/forum.

PhotoVivo is also pleased to launch its Distinction titles. This is one of the better ways to have your photography skills accredited. Look out for more info here.

Dr Nick Ng, a practicing Dentist in KL Malaysia and also an established photographer, has this to say about the Distinction titles:

“Distinctions in photography may mean something to others, or nothing to the rest. But distinctions are important. it makes you work towards a portfolio, a gauge of how far you have improved in your work as a photographer and a purpose in your photography. It encourages you and realizes your inner creativity, and directly, you mature and grow in your photography.

Distinctions do not make you the best photographer, but what it does is to realize your capabilities and makes you further your photography in areas that you want, that you feel, that you wish to express.”